Tuesday, 2 February 2016


As the summer holidays slip away, I feel anticipation for the challenges every new school year brings, at home and at work. This is tinged with a little sadness for the time I have had to enjoy reading, photography, spending time with my family and not worrying about what's for lunch at breakfast time!

keeping cool

water babe

double figures, do you remember turning 10?

capturing some vintage love in the every day...these are going in the cupboard to use!

a unique potting solution
Bring on the newness, the excitement and change that comes with a new year and may there still be a little time for a sneaky read, lazy coffee and the chance to stalk the next shot with my camera.

Kate xx

My Little Drummer Boys
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  1. I love that cartoon...says it all. Great photos.

  2. Gorgeous photos and ambience.
    You had me at nap,oh and cake.

    1. Thank you Trish. I am partial to a nap and cake too :)

  3. Beautiful photos Kate! Can this time really be over? See you in or around a school yard soon, no doubt! Good luck x

  4. Such lovely photos, I especially like the one of the seed head. I hope you have a good start to the school year, hopefully the weather is kind to you too!
    Oddly I don't actually remember turning 10, but I recall turning 9 and 11 with perfect clarity :-)

    Sarah x

    1. I wonder what happened to 10??? Thank you Sarah :)

  5. I love those photos. I love the angle you have shot from.

  6. I wish I remember turning 10! LOVE the vintage plates!

    1. I love them too Alicia...hoping some more will join them on the shelves soon!

  7. Hello there..I've popped in to say hi from Trish's AWW and I used to live in outback NSW a very long time ago...my hub and I taught there. This looks like a lovely place to be and I remember 10 year old parties ...for my own kids! Now they have their own kids! Time flies. Denyse


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