Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Last week...

I have been playing the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day game on Instagram for some time now and I love it. My love of photography is part of this and, while I really enjoy it ,I don't profess to be a 'real photographer'. Many of my pictures are taken with my phone and often my DSLR camera is on auto! It's about seeing things around me and the process rather than the mastery for me.

Another part of the enjoyment of this 'game' is that no matter what  my day is like, I have a reason to take time to look at my family, home, work or life in general a little differently. I consciously appreciate the beautiful and the interesting around me.

Last week the FMS prompts were colours and I set myself an extra challenge to find something to photograph that is part of my outback mining town home to share...

The Big Red Chair
there are tones of orange everywhere in the outback
This picture was chosen as last week's favourite Pic of the Week by my local ABC as part of the ABC Open Pic of the Week project

Yep, it's a mining town!

I love this little church! It makes me want to know its stories!
Keep looking up. That's the secret of life - Snoopy
the wildflowers are out, Silverton, NSW

an artist's car -John Dynon Gallery, Silverton, NSW
 While I love to go and explore new and beautiful places, my place is beautiful too, don't you think?
Kate xx
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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Night at the Museum


Have you ever felt like you were being watched while you were eating dinner?

I have!

I was lucky enough to be part of a special birthday party recently that was held in the World Mammals gallery of the South Australian Museum. We ate under the gaze of
animals from the regions of Eurasia, Tropical Asia, Africa and the Americas including Miss Siam, an Indian elephant who is over 100 years old. She lived at the Adelaide Zoo and died in 1904.

 It is something really special to be taken on a torch lit guided tour of part of the museum and to then mingle with family and some very old world mammals to enjoy drinks and dinner.

a guided tour by a man with a torch and a tam o' shanter!
dinner under the watchful eye of Mr Rhino...

if you watch very carefully you might see his tail flick!
all sorts of silliness prevailed
time to go home

It was certainly a night to remember.

Have you eaten somewhere unexpected or unique? It should certainly be on the bucket list if you haven't.

Kate xx

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