Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Flour and Fire

I have challenged myself to do some study  so I can use my camera on some manual settings this year, and start to better understand the multitude of buttons and settings it has. I have managed to take some good pictures in the last few years with very little knowledge so imagine how dangerous I could be...

The Shady Baker, Jane at work

An invitation arrived from the lovely and talented Jane from The Shady Baker to attend her annual Flour and Fire at her home. On offer was the chance to learn the basics of sourdough and hands on bread making as well as making beeswax candles with Zara from Zaranne Handmade.

ready for some baking and making action

A perfect photo taking opportunity as well as lots of fun and new friends...

beautiful homemade happiness by Zara

The swap table.We all contributed something home grown or homemade
then got to take treasures home

beautiful morning tea that greeted us on our arrival

me hard at work creating sourdough bread

Summa from one of my favourite haunts, The Caff, working on her day off to create pasta

this was our goal...these beautiful loaves of crusty goodness
it was like an Insta-meet or a bloggers convention, maybe both! Poised ready for bread action Zara, Sophie, @shell_mcclure (and me!) plus partners and friends who have not heard the call of social media!
lunch...it was good!

making beeswax candles. So much fun

What a wonderful day with great food, new friends and skills, goodies from the swap table and lots of photographic practise under my belt.

Do you wrangle with the manual settings? Do you use your phone? Hands up who remembers the days of film and dodgy school excursion photos when you recorded every detail in wonderful blurry glory!

Kate xx

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