Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Next Chapter

 After much anticipation and excitement we finally got to see what was left in our Santa sacks and just what those parcels under the tree with our names on them contained.

Then we got down to the business of feasting and Christmas cheer...

 We toasted those who could not be with us...

 We roasted in the wood oven out the back...


The family sat together, cracked crackers, laughed at bad jokes, wore silly paper hats, complimented the chefs and generally enjoyed the meal and the company.


A lot has happened to my family in 2012, some exciting, some happy, some challenging and some just bad!
Here's to 2013 and all that it may bring... 

Start on January 1st with an empty jar. Throughout the year write the good things that happened to you on little pieces of paper. On December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you that year.~pinterest
Via Suzie's Daily Quotes

I have been playing along with Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-day which is a great way to help remember the joy in the little things and to appreciate those things which we sometimes take for granted (you can see my pictures on Instagram).
I also like this idea of using a jar to keep a record of the good things that have happened to look back on at the end of the year.
Are you good at recognising and appreciating the little things?
Do you have a way of celebrating them?
Happy New Year ♥
Kate x


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Made with love...

It seems to be inescapable that Christmas is a lot about the presents. Let's face it, even the wise men brought gifts to Bethlehem. I think a gift made with love is a special thing to receive and so once again I have embraced this and been busy.

As you may have read in a previous post here, I have been busy crocheting star decorations which some of my lovely friends and family have received. I have also been baking and reacquainting myself with my poor, neglected sewing machine.

These cute Santa biscuits are Vanilla Butter Biscuits and are destined for teachers and some special little people this year. This is such an easy recipe which can be used for stamping pictures like this or cutting into shapes.

There is a tradition I started when I had my children and have carried on to extend to two special friends as well as my nieces and nephew. Each child now has one of these beautiful Santa sacks to put out on Christmas Eve. I will admit to being a little slack as my children (the oldest in the extended family) have got bigger and busier and I have begun to work more and sew less. These last two sacks are twelve months a little overdue but they are now completed * and the count is up to nine! I know that they will be under various family Christmas trees for years to come but I wonder how many more are on the cards?

*I must make mention of the fact I had help this time. Thank you Mum for sharing your Christmas material stash and sewing the squares together, ready for me to weave my magic!

Wishing my blogging friends a very merry Christmas full of magic and fun.

Kate x


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Jingle All the Way the last three weeks we have had a school Christmas concert, the 2012 Broken Hill Christmas pageant, carol singing on the railway station platform when the Indian Pacific Outback Christmas Train arrived with Brian McFadden and a ballet concert.

a little sheep performing at the school Christmas concert (43 degrees Celsius that day! No weather to be a sheep really!)

The Sea Scouts had a bush Christmas display while the Girl Guides escorted Santa as elves in the Broken Hill 2012 Christmas Pageant

Master B's year level was invited to sing Christmas carols with Brian McFadden when he rolled into town on the Indian Pacific Outback Christmas Train (pics taken by E. Roberts for the Barrier Daily Truth 7-12-12)

Miss B's ballet concert

I know! Crazy, and there are still two more weeks of school including party days, carol singing at the shopping centre and a school presentation night.

This is not a regime for the weak as anyone in Australia who is involved in clubs, schools or their community would know. I know we can't do much about the weather being so unfriendly when there is so much to do, but I do believe that the Northern Hemisphere may be onto something in that they can celebrate Christmas without trying to contend with all the end of school year celebrations as well.

Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy all that comes with December in Australia...

How do you bring in the end of the year?
Is your calender in danger of falling off the wall from excessive use like mine? 
Roll on holidays!

Kate x

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Deck the Halls

Preschool reports are done and ready to go their folders! Even my stint as a proof reader is done, so after a little happy dance I fell on my crochet bag with gusto.


I have been thinking about crocheting Christmas decorations for months now and when I saw the post about how to make these stars from Jodie at Jellywares I was most excited.

 They worked so well and are extremely quick and easy to make (thank you Jodie) so friends and family beware. You may just end up with a new star for your tree this year.

Do you make or bake to share at Christmas? Do you have any other easy crochet decoration patterns?
I hope that you have had a productive weekend too.
Kate x

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