Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Here & Now ~ July

Loving // School holidays! I was ready for a break and have enjoyed taking each day at a slower pace. I have taken my time over tea and toast at breakfast, enjoyed catch-ups with friends and family, read books, been crafty, watched the whole 327 minutes of the BBC Pride and Prejudice and eaten cake!

Eating // July heralded an invitation to the annual Fire and Flour Day with Jane @ The Shady Baker and Terry. This year we were treated to the chance to get our hands floury again and a long lunch including pastissi, sourdough pita and hand cut pasta made by us, along with goat chops, a cheese platter, homemade dips, olives and sweet treats. Such a wonderful day of eating along with catch ups, new friends and a sharing of ideas and enjoyment of great food.

I am also eating my own backyard eggs! The girls have finally worked it out ;)

Drinking // out of my KeepCup. Did you watch War on Waste on ABC TV if you are in Australia? I have not been able to have a take away coffee since as the guilt about the amount of waste we create from coffee cups alone has been too much to bear. Don't even get me started on cheap clothing and food waste...

Feeling // like I have neglected this space but, I find that it is still here, and it does not judge me for my absence! Nor is it jealous of Instagram, where I spend most of any time I have to devote to such things.

Making // my family wait for me more than I normally do! I have a new camera and have been enjoying playing with it and finding out what it can do. The theory is the same but the feel and the photos are quite different.

Thinking // about my upcoming birthday. It is a 'significant' one but I find that the overwhelming feeling is of gratitude and anticipation of what could still be to come rather than despair at the amount of candles. I remember my parents turning 40 and they seemed much older than I feel now. I am guessing that they had those very same feelings, as did their parents before them! I told my children that age is not important, unless you are a cheese or maybe wine. My son pointed out that if I was milk I would be more concerned!!!

Dreaming // of the adventures to come with my husband. He has completed his pilot license and has become the owner of a most beautiful plane with buckets of vintage style.

How are you passing your time this winter? Are you sitting by the fire with a good book? Spending time with friends or family? Planning a holiday...

Happy July

Kate xx

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