Tuesday, 16 June 2015

In the Neighbourhood

We all know that exercise makes you feel good...maybe not thinking about it but certainly doing it!

I have slipped sideways on the waggon as I have let a few things get in the way and not only are my scales and my jeans telling me, but so is my head!

So this is me putting my walking shoes back on. My head is moving on from its Eeyore state to a more Tigger-like state again...

While I walk I snap what I see!


Outback NSW

weather watching

wet morning

Happy Tigger thoughts to you too.

Kate xx

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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Long Weekend

We were lucky enough to find ourselves heading for the big smoke for the long weekend and between birthday parties, doing breakfast and catching up, I did a little exploring with my camera...

sunrise over the River Torrens

Art on the River Torrens

Elder Park Rotunda

one of the locals

we had an excellent view of the football fans on Saturday night!
Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Railway Station
I love the old Seppelts sign

Old Parliament House

State Library

Mortlock Wing, State Library
It's a little step back in time...

some of the titles of these ancient tomes are extremely amusing!

 I love discovering places I have not seen before, like the Mortlock Wing of the State Library or seeing things in a new light as I did on my early morning walk along the River Torrens.

Do you ever play 'visitor' in your town?

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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Everyday Life Through My Lens

"The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want" ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

I spend a lot  a little bit of time looking at beautiful pictures on Instagram and I seem to follow many photographers, particularly those who travel. I find myself falling into that social media trap of wanting things others have...snow covered mountains, mist-filled woods with deer wandering around, an orchard full of apples, lakes full of artistic reflections. For those of you who have an idea of where I live, you know this is not going to happen! This is not what I see every day.
London, UK

As some of you will have read, I have recently been on my own adventure, snapping beautiful scenery and documenting things I found awe inspiring. Now that I am home again I have had to have a stern word with myself about my appreciation of home views!
I know that I am very lucky in so many ways, living where I do. I know that others come to visit my home to get a taste of the outback and the vast spaces I have grown up with. I know that what I see all around me is as foreign and exciting to many as a bicycle lined canal or a row of brightly coloured buildings is to me.

I am setting myself a challenge! I will stop wishing for views that others have. I will appreciate my everyday life and views, not just in theory but through my lens as well. Look out Instagram...there's some mining town, outback life coming your way.

Broken Hill

Broken Hill
the RFDS is crucial to those living here

red, sandy creek beds, big old trees and occasionally rainwater rushing past
Broken Hill
mining town views

an excellent view of the night sky
beautiful colours of the late afternoon
Do you get caught up in thinking your everyday reality is boring?
Drop by my Instagram profile to see how I am doing at everyday appreciation.
Kate xx

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