Tuesday, 29 March 2016

birds of a feather


They are elusive, swift, masters of disguise, flighty, beautiful, musical...not easy to photograph. The outback is full of birds.

I love a challenge!
cockatoos having an afternoon siesta
ducks on the river

apostle birds having an early morning argument with each other


great egret on the Darling River

take off
a very noisy black cockatoo

These are a handful of the beautiful birds I saw and heard on the weekend. Many others played hide and seek or just plain got away!

Do you have a favourite bird? The sound of a kookaburra always make me smile and my heart soars a little when I hear a butcher bird's song.

Kate xx

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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

hop to it

Easter has come quickly despite the fact I saw hot cross buns in the shop the week after Christmas!
Easter craft, hat parades, an Instagram feed full of hot cross buns, marshmallow bunnies, weekend plans...

making marshmallow (recipe here)

have you ever wondered about sticky marshmallow, coconut and cameras all together?
A picture tells a thousand words

a balanced diet is important

vintage mould found on Etsy

marshmallow bunny
I am quite proud of this as, like avid bakers who yearn for the perfect loaf, I yearn to create pastries and confectionary! I wonder why?

Easter hat parade...tribute to my hot glue gun!
Do you do anything special at Easter? Are there hat parades, special food you make, family traditions?

Whatever your plan is, I hope you have a wonderful weekend however busy, chocolatey or relaxing it is.

Kate xx

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