Tuesday, 29 March 2016

birds of a feather


They are elusive, swift, masters of disguise, flighty, beautiful, musical...not easy to photograph. The outback is full of birds.

I love a challenge!
cockatoos having an afternoon siesta
ducks on the river

apostle birds having an early morning argument with each other


great egret on the Darling River

take off
a very noisy black cockatoo

These are a handful of the beautiful birds I saw and heard on the weekend. Many others played hide and seek or just plain got away!

Do you have a favourite bird? The sound of a kookaburra always make me smile and my heart soars a little when I hear a butcher bird's song.

Kate xx

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  1. Gorgeous Kate...very clever! Looks like you had a lovely Easter enjoying the best that nature has to offer x

  2. Thanks Jane. I hope your family had a lovely break too! xx

  3. Beautiful photos Kate. I forgot to tell you that almost every camp ground in Tasmania we were serenaded morning and night by kookaburras. I loved it as we don't hear them often here in Broken Hill.It is a sound which prompts childhood memories for me as we had lots on the river and the creek.

  4. I love Kookaburras, but don't see them very often. It is a treat when I do and am in awe.
    Seagulls are the bird I see most, and cockies in the trees. We get small green parrots and rosellas quite a bit. I need to get more zoom, to be able to get good shots though.

    1. Me too Alicia...you can never have too much zoom!
      Thanks for dropping in :)

  5. I adore Kookaburras and tehir wicked laugh.
    WE get a few wild birds around her and my husband wanst to plant bird attarcting trees.
    Beautiful pics.

  6. Wow Kate, I love your new blog layout, it feels fresh and clean and very professional - well done!

    You're right, it's really hard to capture a good photo of a bird and you have managed to capture several, another well done!!! I especially love the picture of the apostle birds all in a row on the fence.

    Jodie xx

    1. I am loving my new look too Jodie, thanks to Pipdig :)
      That photo is one of my favorites too...they were being so noisy, like a bunch of family members teasing, arguing, showing off!


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Kate x

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