Monday, 16 July 2012

Holiday Lament

School holidays are drawing to an end and I am taking the day to think about the next 10 weeks of getting to school on time, lunchboxes, remembering library bags, after school sport and activities, play dates and in my case all that comes with being a teacher......

I always enjoy the more relaxed rhythm of the holidays and I am feeling a little sad that after today we will all be back to our almost military routine to get everything achieved. I am also wondering if I can manage a calmer, more relaxed outlook to each week rather than just trying to survive the rush towards Saturday afternoons when we can all take five.
I am hoping that my holiday project will continue to grow and that I will have the energy to hook a little each has been growing before my eyes and I am very pleased with it so far! I can't wait for it to be big enough to put over my knees and my mind, uncluttered as it is with thoughts of work at the moment, has been racing ahead to choose what colour next.
Here's to the next ten weeks. May it be filled with fun, adventure, time to crochet and not too much drama!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

City escape

We have just had a few days in Melbourne with the children while they were on school holidays and although it is a very long drive from where we live (over 8ookm) we all had the most wonderful time.

Taking our children to a big city is like laying a feast for the senses before them and we always take pleasure in seeing how excited they get at going in a lift or on an escalator, seeing buildings more than two storeys high, riding on trams and being unable to choose where to eat!

It was also an adventure for me and my husband as neither of us had spent an time in Melbourne let alone navigated our way into the city to find our accommodation after completing a successful if somewhat nerve wracking right hand turn from the far left lane!! Thank goodness for the invention of the talking map...

After a walk to the Information Centre to find a map and some information on things to do my little family took to the Melbourne City Centre like ducks to water navigating our way around and hopping on and off trams (and much to my children's delight, a water taxi) like nobody's business.
We took in many of the 'must see' sights like the Museum, Queen Street Markets, The Aquarium, the Eureka Skydeck, the steps of Parliament House, St Kilda Beach and Luna Park and the Scienceworks as well as many arcades and the Bourke Street Mall.

Good fun, food and adventures for us all and we have left with some fond memories of Melbourne and plans to return.

Where do you go to escape for a holiday? What does your family like to do?


Saturday, 7 July 2012

LEGO forest in the desert

To help celebrate 50 years of Lego in Australia, replicas of the original Lego trees and flowers have been made and they appeared in the Living Desert near Broken Hill this week.

Imagine the excitement of my children to see trees over 66 times bigger (4m high) than the ones they love to play with!

Now there's something you don't see every day!!!

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