Friday, 13 May 2016

Here & Now ~ May

Loving //  The crisp morning and evening air. It won't be long and we'll be lighting the fire!

Eating //  Roast lamb, lovingly grown by my brothers, cooked in our backyard wood oven by my husband, shared with my Mum.

Drinking //  Lots of coffee.

Feeling // Extremely grateful to have my very new laptop back from the manufacturer. It kept shutting down for no reason, to the point where I could not get the screen to turn on at all. After a few frustrating phone calls it has been restored to me with no programs or files missing and a new LCD. Phew! You can't imagine how frustrating it is to ask about things on there to be told to back them up before sending it off....ummm...I. CAN'T. TURN. IT. ON!!!

Making // A fresh start with the little gardening plot at preschool...I have some avid snow pea watchers

Thinking // About pretty autumn light and soft colours and how to capture them.

Dreaming //  Of curling up by the fire with a clean house, no commitments and a good book.

Another month goes by. Enjoy the little things :) 

Kate xx

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Thursday, 12 May 2016

a long way from here to there

a long way from here to there

paintings decorating the bar of the Tibooburra Hotel

our camp

how's the serenity?!
the border fence
my first visit to Queensland...

We went exploring during the school holidays. We packed our tent, our swags and headed north. Tibooburra was our destination as this is essentially in our backyard and we have never been! Three and a half hours, some dirt road, a stop at Milparinka and many property names I recognised from my School of the Air days and we were there.

Wow! Tibooburra and its surroundings embody the essence of 'The Outback'. It's vast, it feels like a long way to anywhere, the colours and the spaces are BIG and it's a little bit quirky!

Once again I am reminded that, while we travel a long way to enjoy some city pursuits, our spot has something special too. 

Have you had any adventures lately? What do you like about where you live?

Kate xx

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