Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Here & Now ~ July

Loving // School holidays! I was ready for a break and have enjoyed taking each day at a slower pace. I have taken my time over tea and toast at breakfast, enjoyed catch-ups with friends and family, read books, been crafty, watched the whole 327 minutes of the BBC Pride and Prejudice and eaten cake!

Eating // July heralded an invitation to the annual Fire and Flour Day with Jane @ The Shady Baker and Terry. This year we were treated to the chance to get our hands floury again and a long lunch including pastissi, sourdough pita and hand cut pasta made by us, along with goat chops, a cheese platter, homemade dips, olives and sweet treats. Such a wonderful day of eating along with catch ups, new friends and a sharing of ideas and enjoyment of great food.

I am also eating my own backyard eggs! The girls have finally worked it out ;)

Drinking // out of my KeepCup. Did you watch War on Waste on ABC TV if you are in Australia? I have not been able to have a take away coffee since as the guilt about the amount of waste we create from coffee cups alone has been too much to bear. Don't even get me started on cheap clothing and food waste...

Feeling // like I have neglected this space but, I find that it is still here, and it does not judge me for my absence! Nor is it jealous of Instagram, where I spend most of any time I have to devote to such things.

Making // my family wait for me more than I normally do! I have a new camera and have been enjoying playing with it and finding out what it can do. The theory is the same but the feel and the photos are quite different.

Thinking // about my upcoming birthday. It is a 'significant' one but I find that the overwhelming feeling is of gratitude and anticipation of what could still be to come rather than despair at the amount of candles. I remember my parents turning 40 and they seemed much older than I feel now. I am guessing that they had those very same feelings, as did their parents before them! I told my children that age is not important, unless you are a cheese or maybe wine. My son pointed out that if I was milk I would be more concerned!!!

Dreaming // of the adventures to come with my husband. He has completed his pilot license and has become the owner of a most beautiful plane with buckets of vintage style.

How are you passing your time this winter? Are you sitting by the fire with a good book? Spending time with friends or family? Planning a holiday...

Happy July

Kate xx

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Here & Now ~ April

the girls...

morning light on the Yarra

Melbourne sunrise

olive picker
Loving // the chance I had to go to Melbourne for some professional development recently. Not only was the conference inspiring and refreshing, but I love Melbourne and even the small amount of time I had around the two day conference was enough to explore, eat and generally take in the city vibe.

Eating // far, far too many Easter eggs. Somehow I won first prize in the raffle at preschool, where I work. My children were delighted...of course but there were daggers from some of my little preschool friends as their teacher made away with the booty.

Drinking // Lamington tea from T2. It's amazing, no wonder it's a best seller!

Feeling // that Autumn is finally here. I have had to find a jumper and some socks after months of relentless heat and it's wonderful. I love the more laid back summer lifestyle but not the temperatures that go with it. Our Olive tree agrees as it drops its Autumn bounty all over the backyard.

Making // Bed rolls. My daughter and I are off to our first State Camp with Girl Guides next week. There is some very cool stuff organised for us to do, a lot of which we have not had the chance to do before so it will be a grand adventure. FIngers crossed for blue skies and starry tent sleeping nights!

Thinking // about our chickens. I am turning into a crazy chicken lady who goes and talks to her brood, feeding them strawberry tops because they are their favourite! We are stalking the girls as they are at the egg laying age now and we can't wait for our own fresh offerings...we are thinking that the Easter Bunny might beat Stella, Tepinyaki and Peepachu in the Great Egg Race though...

Dreaming // always dreaming of maps, tickets, passports, adventures...

Happy April

Kate xx

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Thursday, 9 March 2017

Mother Nature

"Mother Nature has the power to please, to comfort, to calm and to nature one's soul" 
Anthony Douglas Williams

This is something I need to take to heart and remind myself of every day. There are always moments when, even the things I enjoy and love to do, leave me feeling a little overwhelmed. I feel a bit like Winnie the Pooh, in need of a honey sandwich  which I might even take to my bed...the ultimate comfort food!

Instead of filling my sheets with crumbs I have taken to the garden, not specifically for gardening you understand, but to feel the green under my feet and to enjoy the shade, the flowers, the quiet. 
I have put on my sneakers and taken to the streets to enjoy the head space and the neighbourhood fruits and flowers. 
I have taken an early moment to enjoy the golden light of sunrise.
I have stepped away from the couch or the kitchen to take in the sunset.
I have filled my back table with little pots of greenery and there are distinctly green corners in my house too...

I still feel a little swamped but, at least I am enjoying the view and the company of Mother Nature!

Do you have somewhere you retreat to? 

Kate x

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Nella Mia Cucina ~ In My Kitchen

Crostata di lamponi ~ Raspberry tart

A few years ago I was asked what my hobbies were and, sadly, I was lost for an answer. Nothing I liked to do, other than read, seemed worthy of being called a hobby. As I have grown and matured I have discovered more about myself and I can quite happily say that food is definitely one of my hobbies. I love food and I love trying food from different countries, preferably in that country, but anywhere will do. Travel is another hobby and I have added photography to my list as well. 

Now travel is not something I can achieve whenever I want, but food and photography can both be found in my kitchen. I have been consumed by all things Italian lately and, inspired by Silvia Colloca's blog, her recipe books (coincidentally full of amazing photos of Italy as well as recipes) and her television series recently seen on the ABC, we have had some Italian heaven on our plates!

Invotini di melanzane con ricotta e spinaci ~ Stuffed eggplant rolls with ricotta and spinach

Now, I'm not wandering between to aisles of fresh produce at the Campo de' Fiori or sipping cappuccinos in the Piazza Navona. Nor am I marvelling at the stained glass windows at Il Duomo but one day I will, and I might just know what I am ordering from those Italian menus if I keep practising in my kitchen until then...

from Made in Italy with Slivia Colloca

looks like the picture in the book!
(made by my husband and daughter)

What is your favourite cuisine? Is it a family recipe or one you have perfected?

Happy eating, or cooking, or both!

Kate xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Here & Now ~ January 2017

Well hello 2017. I wonder what you will bring? Is it a year to embrace balance and take time? Is it a year for big adventures? Is it a year that will scamper along? Maybe all of the above...

Loving // The lazy days, filled with good books, a movie or two and time to pursue hobbies at leisure.
Eating // Italian cuisine. I have been inspired by Silvia's Italian Table. I have been watching on ABC                     iView and doing a spot of cooking myself!
Drinking // Gin and tonic!
Feeling // A bit hot under the's summer in the outback and the rhythm of our day follows                       accordingly
Making // A photo book of the family photos from 2016. I hate them languishing on my laptop! I                            use Snapfish
Thinking // About belonging, what it means to me and how you can create it
Dreaming // Of kayaking in New Zealand, eating gelato in Italy, taking a train through Switzerland...

What are you dreaming of for 2017? Do you feel a belonging somewhere?

Kate xx

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