Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Here & Now ~ January 2017

Well hello 2017. I wonder what you will bring? Is it a year to embrace balance and take time? Is it a year for big adventures? Is it a year that will scamper along? Maybe all of the above...

Loving // The lazy days, filled with good books, a movie or two and time to pursue hobbies at leisure.
Eating // Italian cuisine. I have been inspired by Silvia's Italian Table. I have been watching on ABC                     iView and doing a spot of cooking myself!
Drinking // Gin and tonic!
Feeling // A bit hot under the collar...it's summer in the outback and the rhythm of our day follows                       accordingly
Making // A photo book of the family photos from 2016. I hate them languishing on my laptop! I                            use Snapfish
Thinking // About belonging, what it means to me and how you can create it
Dreaming // Of kayaking in New Zealand, eating gelato in Italy, taking a train through Switzerland...

What are you dreaming of for 2017? Do you feel a belonging somewhere?

Kate xx

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  1. I adore the photo of your gum flowers. Gelato in Italy were divine, I had so many when I was there over 20 years ago.

  2. That first photo is simply gorgeous Kate! I couldn't help but smile when I saw it :-)
    Making your photos into a book at the end of the year is such a good idea, one that I think many of us plan to do but never *quite* get around to.
    Italian food is the best - yum!

    Thanks for joining in again!
    Sarah xx

    1. Thank you Sarah. I am looking forward to reading your Here & Now posts this year!

  3. Oh, Italian gelato! We went to Italy more than a decade ago and I would happily go back and stay until I've had a gelato of every different flavour they make there, which means I'd never come home! I love your photo of the gum blossoms, aren't they just so beautiful! Meg:)

    1. I love gum blossom too Meg. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Your photos are just beautiful Kate, as always. I am printing photos too...but the old fashioned way into old school photo albums. Belonging is a tricky one isn't it? Sometimes I really feel it and sometimes I wonder about it too. Aren't these school free days completely blissful. Enjoy x

    1. I love my photo albums and books Jane, although it is quite a task to do! Loving the school free days! xx

  5. Love the photo of the gum flower and buds at various stages, the colours are so intense.

  6. Oh lazy days, Italian food, and a few bevvies is sounding pretty nice indeed, Kate. My current photobook project is photographing and replicating an old family album for my grandmother-in-law (her recently passed husband's WWII album) so that all the family can have a copy instead of any squabbles over who wants/gets what, and then slow-time I'll digitally restore the individual photos. Isn't technology great sometimes?

  7. Ooh, nice list! I enjoyed Sylvia's Table too and tried her gnocchi which worked really well.


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