Saturday, 23 March 2013

Grateful...for those little reminders

I have been following Fat Mum Slim's Photo a Day Challenge for twelve months now and it has been fun. I love taking photos and I find it sometimes helps to remind me to enjoy the everyday things in life, those little things that happen around me all the time.

Today's prompt was a hard one for me. 'What you do for fun'.. I was really stuck! Do I have fun? What is it that I call fun? Surely there is something I find fun....?

I am grateful for this little reminder that I do have fun and I often have fun every day! After much deliberation this is what I shared

Day 23. what I do for fun | making, reading, on line shopping,
spending time with my family

What do you do for fun?

Once again I am joining in with 52 weeks of grateful on Village Voices

Kate xx



  1. I'm with you- it's hard to list what you do for 'fun' these days! Reading and drinking coffee are probably my biggest pleasures, but if I had a bike like that I think I would ride it around and have fun filling the basket with pretty things too :) What book are you reading at the moment? x

    1. At the moment I am reading Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth. I loved the first series on TV and am enjoying the book as much. My bike is a new and early birthday present! My children think I should carry our dog in the basket but I was thinking more along the lines of a picnic or baguettes at the very least! :)

  2. Awesome photo :)
    For fun?? I write, drink coffee, play with my kids and the occasional social event without kids in tow :)
    Happy weekending Kate.

  3. I love this photo pretty and your bike rocks, cool basket :) I think baguettes and and a picnic in such a pretty basket are mandatory! Fun for me is playing in the vegetable garden and baking bread. Have a lovely Sunday x

  4. That looks like a lovely basket of fun Kate :)
    Lisa xx

  5. what a wonderful collection of things Kate,.... I love riding my bike, and even better now with my little dog for company ♥ (ewe beauty)

  6. Hello! Came to your blog via 52 weeks of grateful project. What a great image and words. Nat x

  7. That's such a great shot, Kate. I laughed when you had to pause to think of what 'fun' is - I have found myself at times doing exactly the same thing. I ask myself, "what do I really love doing?" and then it flows. x


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