Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Last week...

I have been playing the Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-Day game on Instagram for some time now and I love it. My love of photography is part of this and, while I really enjoy it ,I don't profess to be a 'real photographer'. Many of my pictures are taken with my phone and often my DSLR camera is on auto! It's about seeing things around me and the process rather than the mastery for me.

Another part of the enjoyment of this 'game' is that no matter what  my day is like, I have a reason to take time to look at my family, home, work or life in general a little differently. I consciously appreciate the beautiful and the interesting around me.

Last week the FMS prompts were colours and I set myself an extra challenge to find something to photograph that is part of my outback mining town home to share...

The Big Red Chair
there are tones of orange everywhere in the outback
This picture was chosen as last week's favourite Pic of the Week by my local ABC as part of the ABC Open Pic of the Week project

Yep, it's a mining town!

I love this little church! It makes me want to know its stories!
Keep looking up. That's the secret of life - Snoopy
the wildflowers are out, Silverton, NSW

an artist's car -John Dynon Gallery, Silverton, NSW
 While I love to go and explore new and beautiful places, my place is beautiful too, don't you think?
Kate xx
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  1. Oh wow, you photos were much more creative than mine and a great look around your town. I also do fmsphotoaday. I did last week but had missed a couple prior to that. I need to start getting back on the horse for them because it is fun looking for something for that word. I like your photography view. I don't need to know the ins and outs of my camera I just want to take pictures of what I see and experience, it is my relaxing tool. Maybe one day I will want to learn more but for now that makes me happy.

    1. I like the ins and outs too and learning new stuff about my camera but I think enjoyment has to come first!

  2. Interesting subjects and photos. I wonder why all industrial machines are painted yellow.
    I find that I look at things differently when I have a camera in my hand.

  3. Very creative photos Kate. Yes, I think your place is beautiful! x

  4. Thanks for making me look at my surroundings in a different light!

  5. Wow Kate, these are amazing pictures. What an amazing part of the world you live in. I love the artists car!!

  6. Good on you for doing the challenge. I always intend to do it but lack inspiration every day to be a consistent player. You've taken some great shots! I love the one of the shed and all the clutter!

  7. Lovely photo's Kate! I used to do the challenge but not since it was monthly challenges. I got tied up with something else and had to miss a month and I haven't got back to it. It sure does make you stop and take things in much more! :-)

    1. Yes it does and it gives me a reason to snap away!

  8. Lovely photos. I love them all

  9. I've sat on that big red chair. BH is one of those historic places everyone should visit. Great photos. Silverton is lovely , I was only talking to someone last night about it.

  10. Your place is very beautiful Kate, gorgeous photos too!!!!

    Jodie xx


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Kate x

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