Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Night at the Museum


Have you ever felt like you were being watched while you were eating dinner?

I have!

I was lucky enough to be part of a special birthday party recently that was held in the World Mammals gallery of the South Australian Museum. We ate under the gaze of
animals from the regions of Eurasia, Tropical Asia, Africa and the Americas including Miss Siam, an Indian elephant who is over 100 years old. She lived at the Adelaide Zoo and died in 1904.

 It is something really special to be taken on a torch lit guided tour of part of the museum and to then mingle with family and some very old world mammals to enjoy drinks and dinner.

a guided tour by a man with a torch and a tam o' shanter!
dinner under the watchful eye of Mr Rhino...

if you watch very carefully you might see his tail flick!
all sorts of silliness prevailed
time to go home

It was certainly a night to remember.

Have you eaten somewhere unexpected or unique? It should certainly be on the bucket list if you haven't.

Kate xx

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  1. Amazing Kate...what a unique place for a party! So cool. Great photos as always, love the family shot. The Boltons are good at the family shot I have decided x

  2. I hope you guys watched the movies after, I loved them with those two comedians whose names escape me at the moment (Ben Stiller and the one with the crooked nose) x

    1. I have seen the first one Rae. We didn't see anything other than the Lion's tail move but it seemed more likely by torch light!

  3. That would be a fun night out! Great photo's too :-)

  4. What a cool place to be able to have dinner!

    1. Yes it was...the grown ups enjoyed it as much as the children I think!

  5. What a great experience. The torch tour would have really had a great atmosphere.

    1. It certainly added to the experience Melissa! Thanks for dropping in


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