Monday, 18 February 2013


One of the modern dilemmas of parenting is screen time. I often have conversations with other parents about how much is too much time on the computer or the ipad and it is a big issue in my house.

Don't misunderstand me. I have nothing against technology and in fact use it myself ALL the time, but as parents we have resisted increasing the access to screen time for the younger family members. On the other hand we don't feel that banning it altogether is the answer as our children will have to be able to use this technology. We need to find a balance!

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In the last twelve months the pressure to own an 'isomthing' has been increasing and after many discussions about the pros (WE would be able to use it) and cons (we would have to share it with our game devouring children), Ernie the ipad was welcomed into the fold.

We now have the unenviable parenting task of trying to find the balance between using technology for entertainment and making our own entertainment! Some of our little family are becoming consumed by certain games and functions at the expense of common manners and kind words...Hmmm!

An idea is being floated at the moment to have a system of i-minutes being earned for certain chores which can then be used to play on Ernie. Make you bed and earn 5 minutes screen time. This has potential but I guess time will tell. Failure to use manners and respond to polite parent directives will mean Ernie goes on holiday!    *sigh*    What happened to cricket in the street and cubby houses with the neighbourhood children? We will find the balance....I hope

Do you have these issues at your house? Have you come up with a solution? Please share if you have found a balance that works for you.

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Have a great week

Kate x


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Chilly Teapots and Woolly Wonders

Ever since picking up a crochet hook I have coveted tea cosies in all shapes and sizes (thank you Pinterest for helping with that).

While I have mastered chain stitch, double crochet, half triple crochet and woven stitch, I have dreamt of wonderful woolly cosies with spots, flowers, stripes and even in the shape of Mary Poppins!

I finally feel like I have got to grips with reading a crochet pattern and spurred on by a good friend's birthday I got hooking.

I headed for a blog I follow at Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me because I absolutely love Leah's tea cosies, especially the ones with the flowers on them.

Thank you for your great instructions Leah. I had the most beautiful cosy in no time and a very lucky friend, who by all accounts is almost as 'potty' as me when it comes to tea pots and all things wool, is now the proud owner of this lovely.


My tea pot is naked again! The possibilities for my next creation are exciting...stay tuned!

I hope you have something that inspires you waiting for you in the wings too. Happy Weekend.

Kate x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Let's do Lunch

After a few years of babies, toddlers and work commitments my Mum and I finally have some time to 'play' together!

Today is the first day that the children are at school, I am NOT at work and Mum is not two hours away on the family property. We headed straight to the Main Street...

After some window shopping, touching handbags and pretending our feet were an average size rather than a size that pretty shoes rarely fit, we headed to Thom, Dick & Harry's, one of my favourite spots in town.

Today's lunch special: Za’atar lamb salad with quinoa tabboulah, flat bread and

It was delicious and we ate and talked (uninterrupted) while surrounded by beautiful and very tempting homewares, jewellery and gourmet groceries. Just heaven!

Can't wait for our next lunch date...

Do you have someone special you 'do' lunch with occasionally? I hope so!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Last Day

I have already had my 'first day' and the children are back at school tomorrow. While I really enjoy the slower pace summer holidays take on, it is probably time for us to get back into a routine.

Today is the last day of...

baking as a form of entertainment

staying in pj's until lunchtime

creating lego super structures

all day grazing (thank goodness!)

convincing children to perform household tasks for fun

 nanna naps after lunch
(This only applies to me of course. No child of mine would voluntarily sleep during the day)

early morning cups of tea in bed

morning swims

Hope all those who are getting back into the swing of school are having a great week
Kate x

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