Saturday, 16 February 2013

Chilly Teapots and Woolly Wonders

Ever since picking up a crochet hook I have coveted tea cosies in all shapes and sizes (thank you Pinterest for helping with that).

While I have mastered chain stitch, double crochet, half triple crochet and woven stitch, I have dreamt of wonderful woolly cosies with spots, flowers, stripes and even in the shape of Mary Poppins!

I finally feel like I have got to grips with reading a crochet pattern and spurred on by a good friend's birthday I got hooking.

I headed for a blog I follow at Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me because I absolutely love Leah's tea cosies, especially the ones with the flowers on them.

Thank you for your great instructions Leah. I had the most beautiful cosy in no time and a very lucky friend, who by all accounts is almost as 'potty' as me when it comes to tea pots and all things wool, is now the proud owner of this lovely.


My tea pot is naked again! The possibilities for my next creation are exciting...stay tuned!

I hope you have something that inspires you waiting for you in the wings too. Happy Weekend.

Kate x


  1. Thanks Kate, good to know I'm not alone in my potty obsessions. I will take very good care of your beautiful cosy.

  2. I really love this Kate, it is so soft and pretty. You are very creative and clever! I was admiring your little 'basket' when I called into Granny A's yesterday, love that too! x

  3. I couldn't leave a comment on your blog yesterday and had to settle for an email reply. So I'm stopping by again to say how much I love your tea cosy! It is just beautiful - and looks like you've been making them for years hon! You must be so proud of yourself.

    Have a fabulous week,

  4. Gorgeous.
    I need a tea pot cosy now , reminds me of my grandmother.


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Kate x

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