Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Last Day

I have already had my 'first day' and the children are back at school tomorrow. While I really enjoy the slower pace summer holidays take on, it is probably time for us to get back into a routine.

Today is the last day of...

baking as a form of entertainment

staying in pj's until lunchtime

creating lego super structures

all day grazing (thank goodness!)

convincing children to perform household tasks for fun

 nanna naps after lunch
(This only applies to me of course. No child of mine would voluntarily sleep during the day)

early morning cups of tea in bed

morning swims

Hope all those who are getting back into the swing of school are having a great week
Kate x



  1. that sounds like a great way to spend the holidays, especially the naps and tea in bed x

  2. Oh Kate...tonight I feel disillusioned by the whole school thing, it will feel better tomorrow wont it? Love your baking and the kids doing household tasks. I shall see you in the school yard soon x

    1. Tomorrow is another day Jane. I hopw it is a good one (or over quickly) xx

  3. Cheer up girls, if it weren't for pesky school with all it's confines, holidays wouldn't be so good!

  4. Oh how I would have loved a nana nap today - day 4 back at school for me and it is taking awhile to get back into the routine of teaching, lesson plans and marking.

    1. Oh me too! I have very sore feet from standing and am finding the little chairs a little too close to the ground this week. I obviously did too much napping during the holidays and am out of condition!


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