Saturday, 26 January 2013

Australia Day

It was in our golden soil that the wheat was grown to make the flour used to create these beautiful lamingtons...I hasten to add that I did not make these but I will certainly enjoy them all the same!

Lamingtons are an absolute must on Australia Day, no matter what I am doing!

This morning Master and Miss B donned their respective Guide and Cub uniforms and took part in the city's flag raising ceremony. Both of them actually got to help raise the flags while the National Anthem played and felt quite special! They were then involved in a guard of honour for the award recipients for 2013.

I hope you have a great day too, whether it involves work, a BBQ, pavlova and honey crackles, the beach or just a day at home with the family.

Happy Australia Day.

Kate x



  1. What a wonderful honour for your children. An Australia Day to remember.

  2. How lovely for the kids to be involved hands on, so much more special than just being a spectator x


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