Sunday, 16 March 2014

Made with Love ♥

vanilla yo-yo biscuits

It is birthday season although as the family expands we are quickly filling up the calendar!

I love receiving gifts that have been made with love so one of my resolutions this year was to spend more time and less money on my friends and family and I have been busily exploiting and expanding my making and baking talents!

These vanilla yo-yo biscuits helped to spread birthday cheer. I was most impressed that mine looked just like the picture on the recipe and that I had reproduced a 'Kitchen Aid' recipe with nothing more than a wooden spoon and a hand held mixer...don't worry though, I have a spot on my bench saved and a 'Flash Harry' mixer on my birthday wish list.

A fellow yarn enthusiast is now the owner of the crocheted market bag. I had lots of fun making this. There was not much talking to my family as I was too busy counting in my head but I conquered the pattern and I know that this bag will most certainly go to the markets.

(link to pattern)

wash cloth and soap
Thank you to Pinterest I am continuing to share the love with this beautiful wash cloth, flannel or face washer (depending on where you're from, so I've found!) and some lovely hand made soap, made by a clever lady who frequents our local markets.
I think I will make a few more of these wash cloths as it was quick, easy and the perfect excuse to sit still for a while. There may or may not have been a movie on in the same room!

None of these gifts are my own inventions so thank goodness for the generosity of others who share their ideas, inspiration, recipes and patterns. Thank you!

Do you like handmade gifts?
Do you make anything to give away?
Do you while away many hours on Pinterest...or is that just me?!

Have a great week ahead

Kate x


  1. Oh my lord Kate...I could do with one of those yo-yo biscuits right now with my cup of tea. Yum! Hand made gifts are the best, I agree. My brain space just cannot cope with Pinterest, I would honestly just lose my life in there!? Have a good week x

    1. Hehehe yes it does feel like that sometimes Jane but I make sure I pin something work related to justify the life lost each time! ;)

  2. Love the market bag and the washcloth, beautiful thoughtful gift. I don't crochet, but I did do some sewing recently and gave the little girl next door a reversible library bag I made. I'd love to get some more gorgeous material and make more.

  3. Homemade presents would probably be my white chocolate xmas 'thing' it's like white Christmas but with all sorts of other naughty things added. I'm not a crafter or a cooker so sadly I outsource presents. I do admit that GETTING homemade pressies are the best!

  4. I love handmade gifts, tried to instil this idea for Christmas with the family. It wasn't met with any enthusiasm at all, so will try again next year. x

    1. I usually make something for teachers etc at Christmas but the thought of my whole family is a little overwhelming Rae. Lucky there is a little time to 'regroup' after each birthday! :)

  5. EWE BEAUTY... I ♥ Pinterest Kate... and addict many ideas for what ever takes your fancy.. I really enjoy giving away a hand made gift to a new mum, Taggi, tummy time quilt of burp cloth, gives me more pleasure than a store bought gift. I love your handy work.. how satisfying !


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Kate x

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