Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Inaugural Family Feast

We often get together as a family for birthdays and holidays. We live close enough (some of us quite close) to see each other often but life tends to get in the way. We contend with school, sport, travel, work, and at the moment drought and cantankerous water pumps so we decided we needed to make an excuse to stop, breath, enjoy each others company and eat!

The Family Feast was born and as this birth was at my house I was lucky enough to host the inaugural Family Feast last weekend. The challenge was thrown out and to keep it interesting the theme was Greek.


There was Greek music and some research by the younger family members on Greek dancing. Thank goodness for You tube and Aunties and Uncles willing to get their Greek on while we tended to the food, drinks and requests for train sets from young nephews!

There were so many good things before lunch even started...

We slow cooked some lamb, added lots of salad, yogurt and wraps to the table...

Desert was a work of art with ruffled filo pie with pistachio and honey

and the children enjoyed creamy blackberry frozen yogurt (we are still enjoying it! It is UNBELIEVABLY good!)

We had lots of fun but I will hasten to add that the closest to Greece anyone in my family comes is a sister-in -law with relatives who live there. We dabbled on the edges of Greek cuisine but we ate things we may not normally have cooked and that was the whole point.

The food was delicious, the dancing made us laugh, the house was full and there was lots of washing up but the most important thing was that we spent the afternoon in good company, making memories and enjoying ourselves.

Kate x


  1. Beautiful, vibrant photos Kate. This is such a lovely idea and your food looks delicious. That desert is indeed a work of art, yum. Thanks for sharing x


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