Saturday, 8 March 2014

Medical Chest Madness

Anyone who has anything to do with remote areas of Australia knows that people serviced by The Royal Flying Doctor Service have a medical chest which is like a Super First Aid kit. It contains bandages, creams, saline, syringes etc as well as some medication that will hopefully get you through an emergency until help arrives.

Someone special we know has been unwell and has spent much time with doctors and hospitals. This has meant much time in town.The medical chest has not been of any help at all. There is very little we have been able to do to help but my little family fancied ourselves as clown doctors and put together a medical chest that if nothing else, would spread cheer.

We all had a hand in it, manufacturing the box, shopping for the 'medicine', writing the words, making the labels. putting it all together. We even got help from some of our friends.

The children were very keen on this as they did think there was a possibility that some of the 'medicine' could be shared. Maybe the Jelly Disguises (lollies) for the placation of grandchildren, the Vitamin X Chews (licorice) or even the Sundown Flakes (Pringles) to be consumed at sundown to help cure a niggling throat!

Not only did it brings smiles to those it was intended for and even some of their visitors, it made us all smile too, at the thought of the cheer it would bring, at the ridiculousness of it all and the thought of helping others. It is true what they say about that!

Here's to using the Mad Medical Chest and not needing the other far more serious and boring one!

Kate xx



  1. What a great idea and I am sure it brought plenty of cheer. I remember my Mum and Aunt sending my Grandfather children's colouring books, scissors, pencils etc when he broke his ankle to keep him occupied and ensure further injuries didn't occur ( the safety scissors).

    1. Hahaha what a fantastic idea! I trust your grandfather maintained a sense of humour about it all?

  2. Love your medicine chest, nice work Kate xx

  3. Gorgeous Kate, what a lovely idea...and so thoughtful too! x

  4. EWE BEAUTY .. Kate what a touching, wonderful gift. A beautiful way too, to teach your kids to be aware of those around them. I am sure it was WELL received by those that it was intended for ... well done ♥

  5. What an awesome idea!!! Such a great way to make someone smile when they are done and a great way to involve your kids too!


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