Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Roast and Dirty Granny

Once again it has been a busy weekend with children at sport and social engagements, catching up with friends and the never ending housework.
It is always nice to spend the weekend at home as we do things that there is little time for during the week and there is always something to look forward to.

The whole family looks forward to Sunday mornings which bring pancakes and  really coffee (for those of us who drink it) and this week we have also ended the weekend in gastronomical style.

I was introduced to Dirty Granny apple cider from Matilda Bay Brewing Company. It instantly appealed due to the crochet label and was delicious.

It complimented the Sunday roast beautifully! I have certainly had my vegetable intake for the day and maybe even fruit...(does cider count?)

Hope you have all had a great weekend and are refreshed for a new week.
Are there any weekend traditions in your house?


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Crochet Crazy!

Since finding my crochet bag in the linen cupboard and rediscovering my passion for beautiful coloured balls of wool and the need to be creative (other than my creative preschool teacher persona), I have become hooked!

An afghan crochet knee rug, made for a special young lady for her 11th birthday.

A hair tie in school colours for D.D

My next project...a throw. Not sure where it will get thrown but I am sure it will find a good home.
Meanwhile I have been inspired to hook faster so that I can make more pretty things (and buy more pretty wool!)
If you would like to be inspired too visit Kristen at 'Cozy Things' who seems to be afflicted with the same yearn for yarn or Leah at 'Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me' who's blog just makes me feel happy.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Banana Bread

There seemed to be an awful lot of bananas in the fruit bowl this week and many of them were slightly past their best which was not making them any more enticing! The family have been consuming them with gusto until now but something in the air must have changed this week...
Dearest Daughter suggested banana bread (that being the only form in which she can be convinced to consume a banana) so to work we went.
My sister-in-law shared a fabulous recipe with me a few years ago and even though I am not well known for my baking skills this recipe is always a winner.

The house was awash with the smell of baking banana bread and the kitchen was full of hungry volunteers to test. As usual the results were spectacular.

The lunchboxes the next day were that bit more exciting and the banana bread did not last much past afternoon tea time!
I guess I will have to buy some more bananas not eat so they are just right for banana bread!
Do you have to pack lunches or do you bake treats for morning and afternoon tea? What is a favourite in your house or do you have baking disasters too?


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekend Fun

What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!

There were the Mother's Day Designer Markets on in the local park this morning, hosted by Middlemen

I made a beeline straight for The Shady Baker to say hello and purchase a cup of Jane's delicious Chai Tea while one of my offsiders was keen to sample some of her little zucchini chocolate cakes.

There were also many other things to temp us...

We did not go home hungry or empty handed!

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