Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Week of Walls

I love Instagram! I am possibly slightly addicted to it in fact. Photography is an interest of mine and there is something about seeing pictures that other people thought were good, funny, or interesting from all over the country and the world. There are pictures of pets, children, food, flowers, trees, rain, snow, sunrises, sunsets, cloud porn, bicycles views from many locations and I see the Eiffel Tower at least once a day from varying angles. I LOVE it

I have been linking up with a new group of happy snappers called its_my_week who pick a theme each week for photo sharing. This week their theme is walls. At first I was a little unenthusiastic but as I started to look around me I started to notice...

walls in my main street

the local post office

old walls I saw on holidays (Sydney, NSW)

old walls in the middle of nowhere

miners mural on the Workman's Club

mural on the front wall of the train station

our community portrayed in murals

local wildlife murals in a park in my town

walls in my neighbourhood

exciting walls
Bird in the Hand winery, Adelaide Hills (love this wall)

funky 'big city' walls

a wall I see nearly every day as I arrive at work
The thing that I love even more than looking at photos is that when I join in with things like 'My Week of Walls' it opens my eyes to the everyday things around me and the ordinary becomes beautiful, interesting and special.
Have a look at any old wall in the next day or so and see if you can see the beauty too.
I wonder what the theme will be next week? I can't wait to find out...
Kate xx

P.S. Yes, there are a LOT of murals in my town. It is meant to be an artists haven and the proof's on the wall I think
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