Thursday, 26 April 2012

Winter Pursuits

I don't know if it is the crisp morning air or the smell of people starting their wood fires for the first time this year but something made me go digging in the bottom of my linen cupboard and look what I found....

A very kind lady showed me what to do the first time and I obviously got the hang of it but I am going to have to go back to 'Crochet Class' as I hooked this way and that this evening to no avail!

I will not be beaten so watch this space while I cast around for some inspiration (and maybe a little more instruction).

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some inspiration you might like to have a look at Jellywares


Monday, 23 April 2012

Do you ever buy wine because of the bottle? I do....
Here are some I have bought lately because the labels have called to me!


...and this isn't wine but I love a good G&T !

I hope they taste as good as they look

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