Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Picture Perfect

I was lucky enough to spend a few days in Sydney during the school holidays, just my beloved and me! Sydney is officially our capital city but with two other state capitals closer to us it is not somewhere we often go. We got to spend some time with family and then we had a couple of days to just explore.

It is always interesting to see what other people take pictures of, what they think is beautiful or interesting.

I hope you enjoy my view of Sydney.

an iconic Sydney Harbour scene
Hyde Park Sydney
Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park

view of Sydney Harbour thanks to a fantastic flight  with Sydney By Seaplane
A fabulous way to see Sydney!

Beauty found in the underground train stations. I love the art deco feel!
Look out behind you....@ The Icebergs Pool, Bondi
Bondi Pavilion
Looking up.
The Queen Victoria Building

Beautiful window
The Queen Victoria Building

Botanic gardens...such a serene place for being in the middle of such a busy city and harbour

Botanic Gardens



  1. Oh Kate...I often dream of Sydney. Love your photos, a few days in the big smoke with your beloved sounds perfect x

    1. It is a shame Sydney is so far away and so expensive to get to isn't it Jane?

  2. Thanks for sharing your lovely children while you enjoyed Sydney. They were perfect! xox


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