Thursday, 7 February 2013

Let's do Lunch

After a few years of babies, toddlers and work commitments my Mum and I finally have some time to 'play' together!

Today is the first day that the children are at school, I am NOT at work and Mum is not two hours away on the family property. We headed straight to the Main Street...

After some window shopping, touching handbags and pretending our feet were an average size rather than a size that pretty shoes rarely fit, we headed to Thom, Dick & Harry's, one of my favourite spots in town.

Today's lunch special: Za’atar lamb salad with quinoa tabboulah, flat bread and

It was delicious and we ate and talked (uninterrupted) while surrounded by beautiful and very tempting homewares, jewellery and gourmet groceries. Just heaven!

Can't wait for our next lunch date...

Do you have someone special you 'do' lunch with occasionally? I hope so!


  1. Oh yum Kate and a very well deserved treat for both of you! Everytime TD&H post their salads on FB I get hungry. Tomorrow when BOTH children are dropped at their respective schools Mr Smith & I might just treat ourselves to lunch too :)

    1. I highly recommend it and do hope you and Mr S enjoy! xx

  2. Yuuumm. I haven't had lunch today- this is painful to read! ;) x

  3. Well said Kate, let's do it again and again!

  4. I had this same salad at TDH just the other day and it was divine. How nice for you both to be in town together & childless, sounds like a lovely day :)


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