Monday, 25 March 2013

Hat Parade Season

It's Easter and that means one thing...hat parade season! Miss B and I have combed Pinterest for inspiration, been to the craft shop to stock up and spent some of our weekend cutting and gluing. Master B also put in his two cents worth as he is of course too old for hat parades now but he likes to supervise the all important hat making.

This year Miss B has gone for the 'Less is Best' approach and she is very pleased with the results.

This is last years effort which still had pride of place on top of her shelves in her bedroom....

and this is my all time favourite picture of Miss B at her first ever Easter Hat Parade at preschool.

I am feeling a little nostalgic because after about 6 years, this will be the last year I have a child taking part in a hat parade. Although I have been known to curse these parades I will be a little sad at about 2.30 this Thursday afternoon as it is just another little reminder that my babies are growing up fast.

Are you busily fighting with the hot glue gun and cotton wool balls in preparation for a hat parade this week? What makes you realise time is passing?

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Happy Easter xx



  1. That chicken hat is just awesome! Aaaw, I have great memories of my son participating in parades. Never a easter hat one. I am kinda looking forward to that with the girls.

  2. The chicken was amazing Kate & certainly deserves a special place on display! I love this years more minimal style too! I am in hat making mode for Master G although I am not sure he will actually be brave enough to 'parade' it? :)

  3. That chicken hat is one amazing piece of fashion! They grow up far too fast. I realise time is passing when I measure their height on the door and no longer have to bend down to mark the spot.

  4. LOL it's been a few years since I've made an Easter bonnet/hat but we have some great pictures to remember them by! The kids one best hat one year at Sunday school and won a fluffy toy bunny each, which was pretty cool :-)

  5. Wow that is some clever hat! I have to make something for my son for Thursday - thanks for ideas! Emily

  6. Your hats are TERRIFIC!

    I chose our kids' school on the basis that they didn't do Easter Hat Parades or Book Week Parades... I am no good at costumes. :)



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