Sunday, 16 December 2012

Made with love...

It seems to be inescapable that Christmas is a lot about the presents. Let's face it, even the wise men brought gifts to Bethlehem. I think a gift made with love is a special thing to receive and so once again I have embraced this and been busy.

As you may have read in a previous post here, I have been busy crocheting star decorations which some of my lovely friends and family have received. I have also been baking and reacquainting myself with my poor, neglected sewing machine.

These cute Santa biscuits are Vanilla Butter Biscuits and are destined for teachers and some special little people this year. This is such an easy recipe which can be used for stamping pictures like this or cutting into shapes.

There is a tradition I started when I had my children and have carried on to extend to two special friends as well as my nieces and nephew. Each child now has one of these beautiful Santa sacks to put out on Christmas Eve. I will admit to being a little slack as my children (the oldest in the extended family) have got bigger and busier and I have begun to work more and sew less. These last two sacks are twelve months a little overdue but they are now completed * and the count is up to nine! I know that they will be under various family Christmas trees for years to come but I wonder how many more are on the cards?

*I must make mention of the fact I had help this time. Thank you Mum for sharing your Christmas material stash and sewing the squares together, ready for me to weave my magic!

Wishing my blogging friends a very merry Christmas full of magic and fun.

Kate x



  1. A busy girl Kate. Working at preschool with reports and all those lovely photo and art work folders for each child, and still you have found time for crocheting, sewing and baking. Well done, you are keeping the Christmas spirit alive!

  2. Super cute bikkies! Love the adorable Santa print!

  3. Oh Kate...this all feels so Christmas-y and lovely. Good on you, love the biscuits, love the sacks and I love my red star. It is hanging proudly on our tree. Give me a little homemade gift any day! Merry Christmas.

  4. Love the Santa Bags Kate - you are so crafty.

    Please check out my latest post I am passing on the "Sunshine Award" to you.

    Thanks for producing such an inspiration blog.

  5. your santa sacks are lovely kate! i love that they've become a tradition. in my family we always had our presents given in pillow cases so this year i made a real effort to thrift some pretty ones.
    happy new year x


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