Sunday, 9 December 2012

Jingle All the Way the last three weeks we have had a school Christmas concert, the 2012 Broken Hill Christmas pageant, carol singing on the railway station platform when the Indian Pacific Outback Christmas Train arrived with Brian McFadden and a ballet concert.

a little sheep performing at the school Christmas concert (43 degrees Celsius that day! No weather to be a sheep really!)

The Sea Scouts had a bush Christmas display while the Girl Guides escorted Santa as elves in the Broken Hill 2012 Christmas Pageant

Master B's year level was invited to sing Christmas carols with Brian McFadden when he rolled into town on the Indian Pacific Outback Christmas Train (pics taken by E. Roberts for the Barrier Daily Truth 7-12-12)

Miss B's ballet concert

I know! Crazy, and there are still two more weeks of school including party days, carol singing at the shopping centre and a school presentation night.

This is not a regime for the weak as anyone in Australia who is involved in clubs, schools or their community would know. I know we can't do much about the weather being so unfriendly when there is so much to do, but I do believe that the Northern Hemisphere may be onto something in that they can celebrate Christmas without trying to contend with all the end of school year celebrations as well.

Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy all that comes with December in Australia...

How do you bring in the end of the year?
Is your calender in danger of falling off the wall from excessive use like mine? 
Roll on holidays!

Kate x


  1. Thankfully my December isn't as crazy as yours - just a little busy.

  2. Oh Kate...look at your kids. Anna is the most adorable ballerina, sheep and elf! How exciting to be singing at the train station too! We have probably participated in a quarter of the things you guys are involved in and even that has seemed hectic! But, good on you for getting involved and making the most of it. Bring on the holidays too I say x

  3. Your kids look so gorgeous. What a lovely post. My calendar is exploding. I am threatening to collapse with it all.


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