Friday, 22 January 2016

Here & Now ~ Lazy Days, Vintage Love & Pizza

vintage clothes

making pizzas at a family celebration

I fell in love with this old grandstand

Loving // All the photo opportunities there are in my everyday. I just need to make the time and look up.
Eating //  Too much! I am still thinking about the banana bread and mascarpone with strawberries and coconut that I had for breakfast while in Adelaide recently with my mum. It is definitely time to go back to work and get some order back in the eating regime!
Drinking //  I have a little thing for rose at the moment and I got my hands on a Bird in Hand D&B Pour Les Amour rose lovely
Feeling // Rather soggy. It is very humid here, not something that happens often and I will only put up with it if there is rain accompanying the sogginess! We've had a little...fingers crossed for more.
Making //  Photo books on Snapfish. I have many photos and while we have a digital screen and photo screen savers, it is still nice to hold them. I have made a book with a selection of pictures from 2015 and another with photos of my dad to help the grandchildren remember,and cherish those special memories.
Thinking // About a family holiday. I have the travel bug since our family adventure last year. Where to next I wonder...N.Z., Canada, Italy, Switzerland, maybe Austria again???
Dreaming // Of finding some cool vintage clothing. I have been watching Dawn O'Porter in This Old Thing, Friday nights on ABC2. I love her clothes, as well as some of the finds she has made in vintage and second hand clothing shops

I'm joining in 'Here & Now' with Sarah at Say! Little Hen. Pop over and see her 'Here & Now' post if you have time...such beautiful photos :)

Kate xx



  1. Yum to that banana bread! I'd probably still be thinking about it too :-)
    I've been thinking about making a photo book this year, I'll have to check Snapfish out.

    Thanks so much for joining in Kate!
    Sarah x

    1. I'm a photo book convert Sarah. I was very pleased with the end product :)

  2. Sounds good - apart from the humidity. I make a photo book every year as I worry that all my digital photos will disappear. Better than old fashioned photo albums as the photos don't fall out.

    1. That worries me too Anne. I am on the bandwagon now!

  3. What gorgeous photos! I've been meaning to make a photo book for about 3 years and still haven't gotten around to it. LOL

    1. Thank you Di. The photo book turned out really well :)


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