Thursday, 18 February 2016

restoration blog

I have been nurturing this blog for four years now! I am not a prolific blogger but I have learnt much about myself as I have found my direction and shared with others.

One of the things I have learnt through this journey is that I am a photographer. It is my passion, my hobby and often my motivation. This is what I love, and why I blog and read other blogs too! As my skills have grown, so have my expectations and requirements for how my blog looks...

This morning I awoke to much excitement as my new look blog was up and running! I LOVE it! Thank goodness I gathered the courage to purchase a template, then ask for techy help (which goes against the grain I must say!) from pipdig.

New camera, new look blog...who knows what other adventures 2016 will bring.

Watch this space...

Kate x


  1. Good on you. Follow your dreams/passion. Xox

  2. Looks amazing. You and I seem to blog for the same reasons :)

  3. enjoy your new the yellow flowers..........they are great to pic for inside vibriant..........

    I see you reply to the comments here but I don't think they get sent to the person who left the comment..............

  4. Thanks Chookyblue...I know people don't get my replies directly. IF I comment on a blog I usually follow the comments or tick the 'notify me' box!

  5. I love your new look! It shows of your beautiful photographs perfectly. Pipdig has some great templates, don't they? Mine is from there, I just got my tech-savvy sister to tweak it's look when I changed my blog name.
    And four years of blogging - wow! I'm approaching four years this June :-)

    Have a great weekend,
    Sarah x

  6. Congratulations! Four years of blogging is a lot! I wish you great inspiration for your future blogging and plenty positive emotions!


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Kate x

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