Thursday, 11 February 2016

around the bend

Sometimes an opportunity presents itself to do something a little different from the everyday tasks. Such an opportunity arose last weekend and my family and I went for a drive.

About an hour away from our town lies the Darling river and the Menindee lake system and, while there is very little water to speak of in the lakes (we won't go into that now!), there is a little water in the river, affording us a different aspect for the day.

We also took the chance to be a tourist in our own spot visiting Kinchega National Park, it's many camping spots and the historic Kinchega Woolshed.

I wonder how long this monster has been here for?

native bluebells

old railway bridge over the Darling River

lift off

no wool here now, just visitors and spiders

I can almost hear the noises from the past.
Shearing time was a time of much
excitement as a child
With hot weather, a serious lack of water in the town, small businesses finding it tough going at the moment and a severe lack of good news to be found anywhere, it was lovely to step away. I embraced the quiet, the wildlife, the promise of a chance to spend more time here under canvas (maybe my husband and my children more enthusiastically than me!) and time together as a family!

Here's to more family escapes

Kate xx

My Little Drummer Boys

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day Kate. Wouldn't it be nice to see some more water x

    1. It might help lighten the mood somewhat Jane. We had a lovely nose around xx

  2. Sounds perfect Kate! It's fun to play tourist in your local area sometimes.
    I hope you get some rain soon x

    1. We really need it to rain in the right spot in QLD Sarah, to send enough down the river. Fingers crossed it's going to happen in 2016 x

  3. I just love getting out in nature and sharing my local area. It's very dry here too, not much water laying around. I should have had my camera out when I was watching shearing this weekend.

    1. There are many times I've left my camera or forgetten it and wished I'd had it!

  4. Photos are stunning! The weather was perfect for awesome family weekend! And I think that the Darling river is extremely beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.


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