Thursday, 7 November 2013

and they're off and racing...

It's spring racing season and we too have joined in the fun locally.

There are two race meetings where I live, one rather large and fun one around St Patrick's day and another that happened a week or two ago.

This race meeting is advertised as more of a family day so this year we put it to the test with some friends and their children too. It was so much fun!

Broken Hill
Look at that fabulous view!

 We talked, we watched the fashions and the horses parading, we shared a glass or two and the children studied the form and 'voted' for which horse they thought might win the next race. We all left the track saying we would do it again next year!

Have you backed a winner in the last few weeks of racing? Do you get caught up in it at this time of the year in any way?

My methods of 'voting' are shaky to say the least and most often not to be trusted so I generally leave that part of the occasion to others!!!

Kate xx

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  1. Beautiful photographs! It's been a long time since I went to the races so I may just have to plan a date with my family :)

  2. Great photos Kate, perfectly captured! It was fun wasn't it? We did it all over again at Wentworth on Tuesday. It was fun too in a different way. Miles of lawn and lots of people with their own included! This spring racing thing could catch on, who knew!? See you tomorrow :)

  3. Hi Kate, your's is way better than the Melbourne cup at least you would have been able to see the horses race, and you had a view to boot. Have been once to Darby day the weekend before the cup. Didn't see a horse except on the TV screens around the course, and couldn't get to the track as there were so many people there.

  4. We were at the races this weekend in the big smoke. It is a great day out. Your view however looks amazing.

  5. That looks like an amazing day out, so much fun. Glad to hear you got in a glass or two, the photos of the family are wonderful :)


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