Thursday, 31 October 2013

Fete Fun

Don't you agree that there is nothing like a school fete!

Parents work for months organising stalls and helpers, food and entertainment. People pot up plants and strike succulents. There is baking for the cake stall.  Lolly necklaces and bracelets are made. Teachers organise art work to be displayed and activities to entertain.
Plant stall
Art gallery...we are the proud owners of two masterpieces!


The whole school community comes together for one evening of community spirit, hot donuts, fun, face painting and toffees.

Our school community came together this week to do just this and it was a fabulous evening out. The children came and went as they spent our change with gay abandon while we talked to friends and teachers while eyeing off the cake stall and the second hand books.

Master B taking his turn at manning the put put golf

Enough jewellery to make a little girl's heart flutter
cake stall

Italian baked potato for dinner...Yum!
Is there anything you look for at a fete or market?
Hot donuts are my weakness!

Kate x 

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  1. Love a great fete/market. Raffle tickets are awesome for collecting small change, so are lucky dips.
    So much to look at, and it must be the season for school fetes.
    I have some of that plant closest to the boy, growing in my pond :)

  2. Good old wholesome fun Kate! x

  3. Totally agree .... nothing smells better or tastes better than the hot donuts. One of our local schools down here does a fete each year in a medieval theme - brilliant.

  4. I love me a good fete too Kate... Your local fete looks and sounds simply gorgeous!!! I'm a sucker for the classic sausage sanga and a tray of home baked treats to take home for dessert... Our local fete is 2 weeks away and I simply can't wait... :)


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