Thursday, 24 October 2013

Double Figures

Do you remember turning 10? Do you remember how important it was to have made it to double figures? I do...

I had forgotten just how important it was until recently as there was a special birthday in our house and Mr Now-10 was extremely excited. It reminded me that I was told I could not learn to ride the motorbike parked in our shed until I was ten, that I would probably be able to reach the dustpan and brush hung on a high hook when I was ten, that I could have a charm bracelet when I turned ten...

Mr 10 invited a friend to come out for dinner with him to a place of his choice then a sleepover and as you can imagine, dining with two young gentlemen (and a lady sister of course) was almost as much entertainment as hosting a party for twenty children in your backyard.

Between fizzy drinks, accidentally setting a menu on fire through inattention and tea light candles on the table (!!!), exploring the murals that decorate our chosen venue, The Palace Hotel and running up and down the  upstairs verandah because sitting for a whole meal was taxing for some of the party, we had an excellent evening.

fizzy drinks for everyone!

The Palace Hotel...a little bit famous

On the way home we were open to requests to take the scenic tour so we took in the view then went home for cake...

Line of Lode restaurant and Miner's Memorial

great view

Just quietly I can't believe I am the mother of a ten year old! He's over halfway to his 18th...more fizzy drinks and craziness if I remember correctly!

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  1. Everything about this is gorgeous Kate! Love the photos and your words. 10...who would have thought?! I cannot honestly remember turning 10 but I am sure it was fun!

  2. I remember when double digits was a big thing...just. Then becoming a teenager was next in line. They grow up so quickly. I will miss my boys when they are men. Lovely post :)

  3. I cannot remember the double digits but I can remember the fizzy drinks at 18!
    I do recall the 13 (teenager) thou. It all happens so fast was what my parents use to say and now I find myself repeating the same comment over and over. Looks like your son had a special night something he will remember.


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