Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A Little Visitor

A blogging friend of mine rescued a handsome gentleman of a bear from her local op shop last month (read his story here) and put out the call for people who would like to have Walt to visit.  I was one of the lucky bloggers whose name went on Walt's list and he's here!!!

making himself at home while celebrating Friday night with the family

Not only is Walt having a fabulous adventure but he is also bringing some of the blogging community together to share this adventure with him.

Rest assured he is being well looked after (he has been made a special bed and is taking it in turns to sleep in Master 9 and Miss 7's room) and stay posted for more of his outback stay!



  1. He is cute Kate, I am sure he will enjoy his outback stay!

  2. So glad he has arrived safe and sound. See he is in party mode ... wine and pizza. Have just posted a link on my blog to your post here.

  3. He's such a cute little character :)

  4. Aww bless Kate, glad to see he made it safe and sound :) xxx


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