Sunday, 11 February 2018

Here & Now ~ February 2018

January and February are a time for taking stock, relaxing, spending time with family, birthday celebrations, change and adjustment, new challenges and just hanging by the pool.

Loving//  having time with my brother, sister-in-law and nieces and nephew over summer. We have been able to just hang out and enjoy being in each others space.

Eating // sun dried tomatoes. It has been so hot we have been making use of those rays and a sheet of  corrugated iron in the back yard. Delicious!

Drinking//  a cheeky Bird In Hand Pinot Rose or two. It's my favourite drop :)

Feeling//  the winds of change again. My youngest has started high school this week so, as with the nature of life, we are dealing with some adjustments, enjoying new things and wishing for the comfort of the old at the same time.

Making//  birthday cakes and celebration dinners. There are a few family birthdays at this time of the year and every milestone should be celebrated!

Thinking//  about how much we need rain where I live. It is so dry and the land around is starting to    look desolate and dusty.

Dreaming// of autumn sunshine. It has been very hot and, while I love the slower rhythm of summer, I do not love the days where the temperatures soar to over forty degrees celsius. 

start the year as you mean to go on!
So here's to a great year. It is certainly off to a good start and I am so pleased to be joining in with 'Here and Now' again with Sarah at Say! Little Hen

I hope you have taken any New Year changes in your stride and that there is cake in your life at the moment too.

Kate xx



  1. Yes, definitely cake in my life! Chocolate cake with fudge icing ... I can pretend its healthier because its made with kidney beans instead of flour. Ahem! The start of high school is a big change (next year for us) but I'm pleased to see that there's fun and mischief in way those youngsters are approaching things. Great photo! We had a lovely storm here last night and I wish for you some rain very soon. Meg:)

    1. Chocolate cake with kidney beans! Definitely healthy :)
      Thanks for dropping in Meg x

  2. Nice photos, Kate. The last one is precious. I have two family birthdays and a Family day holiday coming up next week so yes to fun family time, relaxing, and eating cakes. Here's to a great year!

  3. Over 40C isn't any fun at all! I hope you get some rain soon, it cools things down and makes the landscape so much nicer to live in.
    I loved your Here & Now Kate, it's bursting with summery goodness!
    Sarah x

    1. Thank you very much Sarah. We are watching the weather... it will rain eventually! K x

  4. I'm so glad that the dogs were bossing me around too much to peruse through the Here & Now posts on Monday. That doughnut pic might have pushed me over the Here & Hungry edge. And homemade sundried tomatoes. Oh my! Semi-dried tomatoes are my favourite and so expensive if I can find them over here. I really should make my own. Yummy ideas floating in my head...

    I'm more of a red wine girl myself, but remember visiting Bird in Hand many times when we lived in Adelaide years ago. If I recall, they had delicious olive/oils as well as yummy wines. Drool! It was always nice to escape up into the hills and so delicious stopping in vineyards and shops along the way.

    1. The tomatoes were very successful and delicious! You should definitely try it.
      I agree, the Adelaide Hill is a perfect spot to meander through wineries and funky little shops. So many treasures right on Adelaide's doorstep :)
      Thanks for calling in xx

  5. That donut reminds me of my childhood and is also making me hungry :) I too love autumn... the cooler nights are welcomed!

  6. I am a bit late on this one that donut! Whenever will it cool down and rain I wonder? x


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