Tuesday, 2 January 2018

My Calendar Recipes - January

I do not make new year resolutions as such but, like many others, there are things on my mind at the beginning of each year that I would like to achieve. One of those things for 2018 is to not ignore my little blog space as I have done in the last while. I am going to try to see it as a space for creativity rather than another thing on the to-do list and time where I can create something both here and in the kitchen.

Every year on January 1st, I hang a Red Tractor Designs calendar on my kitchen wall.  It is a tradition! All the special birthdays are lovingly transferred from last year's calendar to this and then usually what date school starts and our annual dentist appointments are marked. We are ready for the year ahead.

Inside the covers of the Red Tractor Calendar are great pictures, funny and inspirational sayings, important dates and a recipe for every month. I have decided that, instead of looking at these recipes and thinking how delicious they sound, I will have a go at each one throughout the year. This will give me a reason to blog, a challenge (I am not a natural in the kitchen) and something to look forward to with the beginning of each month.

January kicks off the year with a tomato salad with basil and capers.This is the smell of summer in a bowl and I only wish that I had some basil or tomatoes growing in my garden that I could have used. Another challenge... maybe?! It was so easy to put together and with ingredients that I had in my fridge. The perfect partner to the last of the leftover Christmas ham.

How do you keep your year in order? Do you use a calendar or a diary? Where do you look when you need recipe inspiration?

I hope that you have had the chance to enjoy a small summery break over the Christmas/ New Year season.

Kate xx


  1. I used to live by my calender hanging in the kitchen but now I have google calender on the phone and sync with hubbies phone and put all kinds of reminders in the phone. ......the alarms go off to remind us to do things........
    love red tractor designs stuff.......I hope you find your love of blogging..........it is very special for me and I have made so many connections around the world I can't imagine my life with out blogging........
    great recipe..........

    1. I do use my phone and alarms too but there's something about having it on the wall! The salad was delicious

  2. Hi Kate, just came across your lovely blog! Do love the Calender design (good to see one with Aus stuff in it). Looked it up on the Red Tractor page, they only seem to have a desk calender, not one to hang on wall. Is this the case, or do you hang yours up anyway? Looking forward to following your blog. Regards, Margaret Johnson..

    1. Hi Margaret, welcome! My calendar hangs but I usually preorder it earlier in the year. I think they do not have many wall calendars for sale in their shop, I never chance it anyway :)


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