Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Great Tea Towel Swap

One of my besties and I have a tradition. Should one of us be lucky enough to go away on a holiday, it is a given that we will return bearing gifts. In particular, a gift of the highest touristy calibre!

I do not remember which one of us started this tradition but I do remember the conversation going something along the lines of one of us going on holidays and saying we would bring something back. The other joked and said they definitely wanted a tea towel. I am guessing that buying tea towels seemed like the height of ridiculous, old person behaviour to us at the time (!!). Both of us pictured in our mind's eye the most kitsch, scratchy, touristy kind of tea towel ever seen and it was on!

The Northern Territory does it well!
It is an ongoing challenge to see who can find the best of the worst tea towels in whatever location they are lucky enough to find themselves in. Please understand that there are some quite tasteful tea towels to be found but these do not have a place in my kitchen (or in hers if I can help it).

Many of my treasures are from New Zealand....yes my friend was originally a Kiwi!
This one is special as it did not come from a shop. It has been pre-loved and dried
many a N.Z. dish!
As it stands, my friend is in the lead as she trumped all my efforts with this delight from the Northern Territory. The fact that it is absolutely useless for drying dishes and more suited to chamoising my car only makes it better!

This is the winning t.t so far! Would you hang this on your oven?

Weird? Yes, but it is a tradition that will mean that I am never short of a way to dry a dish and any visitors to my place will most probably leave doubting my taste in kitchen accessories!

The collection

Do you have a favourite souvenir that you buy in every place you have been?

Do you have any traditions that only you and another slightly twisted individual completely understand?

Here's to dry dishes and travelling far and near! Oh, and don't think I won't keep trying to win back the crown.

Kate xx


  1. As i kid i collected tea towels...........I have about 100 from various places............OMG what to do with them..........

    1. They could be considered a treasure by the sounds of it! Vintage tea towels?!

  2. This is funny Kate...oh the Crocosaurus! I didn't even know vintage tea towels where a 'thing' until I started blogging, and now I find myself searching the op-shops for fabulous vintage tourist towels...but they are scarce which tells me they are popular.

    We seem to have a lot of stubby holders from various destinations. I am also a bit partial to tourist teaspoons, but the old variety please! x

    1. I will be sure to treasure them Jane. They could be worth a bit if I ever need a clean out ;) We have a few stubby holders too!

  3. Awesome tradition. Had to laugh, does everyone hang their teatowel on the oven handle I have to wonder :)

    1. Haha, yes! That is an assumption I made! You have made me wonder too.....?

  4. If only I'd known Kate! All my family got teatowels from the trip I've just been on, I could have added you to the list :)


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