Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Book Week Babes

Book Week...as if we needed as excuse to get amongst books in this house! Anyway, the excitement is high, especially from Miss 7 who has been planning her debut as Jemima Puddle-Duck for about three months now!

She is obsessed with all things Beatrix Potter at the moment! This does warm my heart a little when I think of the other alternatives out there but it was a bit of a challenge turning a small girl into a duck (or any other animal for that matter).

Thanks to a little imagination and a Pinterest account we have one rather cute Puddle-Duck.

Jemima Puddle-duck
Book Week, 2013

There is also a very menacing ninja kitten from the Space Mutts series by Michael Broad in the house! It is amazing what you can do with a black t-shirt and half a pair of panty hose!

Ninja Kitten
Book Week, 2013

Pretty cool isn't he?

The thought of producing a costume to order every year fills me with a little dread but every year Master and Miss B go to school happy. Sometimes I even surprise myself!
If you ever need a bonnet or a ninja head scarf for that matter...please let me know and I will share my costuming secrets and 'Black Magic' with you!!! If you have any tips please feel free to share. I have a few more years to get through yet :)

Happy Book Week xx


  1. Very cute and clever Kate, you are very good at costumes! I love that Anna is into Beatrix Potter too, just lovely x

  2. Kate that is awesome! LOVE Jemima Puddle-Duck - my daughter isn't sure what to go as, I want her to pick something and for me just to be able to create it - so I've told her to pick whatever she wants! If she picks something whacky I'm totally hitting you (and Pinterest) up :)

  3. Cutest 'Peddle-duck' I have ever seen. Lucy called her peddle-duck not puddle-duck for ages! Took a lot of convinving that she is infact a puddle not a peddle-duck ;) well done on the costumes this year. I love seeing what your kids choose and you create for book week/easter bonnet parades etc each year


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