Saturday, 22 June 2013

The view from here

This week I have entered the world of the digital SLR camera and I have been playing. I always take lots of photographs and so I am excited about the greater possibilities at my disposal now!
While I have been out and about playing this week, I have been reminded to be grateful for a different perspective on my home town. Living in a remote centre means there is a sense of community and space to live and enjoy but with benefits there are always drawbacks.

By looking at my home through the viewfinder I have enjoyed the mining history that is left for us to see, the beauty of our surroundings and remembers to stop and count the stars. Instead of wishing for time out somewhere else to regenerate my cultural, retail, foodie self I have remembered what I get to see and live in every day. People travel from all over the world to stay where I live!

Is there something you have done this week that has reminded you to be grateful? Enjoy your weekend. I am rugging up and getting out there...

Kate x

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  1. Beautiful Kate. I allows us to look back at what is around us and appreciate it more. There are endless photography opportunities in Broken Hill! Rugging up and getting out there is the perfect thing to do this weekend. Enjoy your camera x

  2. Great shots! I too have been taking the camera out and about and capturing the little details of what I see around me. It sure is a great way to change perspective, stay in the moment and cultivate gratitude xx

  3. Love the look of the history of your home town. I am grateful this week that I took the time and spent over an hour catching up with a girlfriend on the phone.

  4. Oh fun times ahead with your new camera x

  5. How exciting to have a new toy! Looking through the viewfinder does bring it all into perspective sometimes. x


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Kate x

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