Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Silver linings and chocolate stout

The B family headed off on the weekend for a change of scenery and some shopping but not long after our arrival Miss B became unwell and it turned into a boys shopping trip while I kept my eye on the comings and goings of a busy motel and Miss B slept the day away!

We had expected to be home by Sunday night having scrambled eggs for dinner but we extended our stay to make sure everyone was up to the drive which seemed like the perfect chance for dinner out...much better than eggs and toast.

I have been waiting for the chance to try some of Mildura Brewery's Chocolate Stout after seeing it over on The Shady Baker's blog and as we were in Mildura and in need of dinner this seemed like the perfect opportunity...

Eating in a brewery made for interesting dinner conversation and while the company, the food and the surroundings were perfect, my mind was firmly on dessert.....
Oh it was worth thinking about!
My flourless chocolate cake with anglaise sauce was the perfect accompaniment to my Choc Hops (stout) which, if I had to describe is definitely stout but with a hint of chocolate topping. When it was time to leave we made sure some came home with us!
Every cloud has a silver lining don't you think? I will need to hide my Choc Hops or find a closer supply!
Hope you had a great weekend



  1. Excellent Kate! To be honest they had me at the label...love that bunny! Sounds like a fun trip, pleased you got a chance to eat out. The Brewery is fun...so much action! Looking forward to this weekend :)


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