Saturday, 8 September 2012

Helmets and Handlebars

Do you still remember the excitement of getting a new bike? I do!

me aged 7 with my 'retro' bike

For what seemed like a really long time I rode an old bike that had belonged to an auntie who grew up on the family property before me and while it did the job perfectly I still remember the excitement of receiving my brand new, never owned by anyone else, red Malvern Star. My grandparents presented it to me on my birthday (can't remember which one) and I loved it and it's parcel rack! I had no parcels but that was beside the point!

Miss B has outgrown her first two-wheeler so Mr B has been bike shopping and we have been reminded of the excitement all over again.

Master B showing off his accessories

Master B is also an avid bike rider spending much of his time riding up and down the driveway and as far up the street as he thinks he can safely get away with. In what I consider to be true 'boy' fashion he has started to accessorise his vehicle. He is now the proud owner of cool pedals, foot pegs and some very cool shoes...

I think there will be some bike riding this weekend although I can never set off on a family ride without wanting to sing 'Do Ray Me' like Maria and the Von Trapp children

Did you own a pushbike? Do you still remember it?



  1. congratulations to miss b on her new bike..i've never owned a new one..the one i rode in my youth had been my mother's..i'm no longer a bike rider but if i were i'd want a retro one with a basket like the one in your gorgeous photo..x

    1. Funny how old is new again and retro bikes are just the thing now. My family had a good giggle when I unearthed that photographic treasure!

  2. Very cool Kate, love your 1st bike, what a great photo! Do you still have it? The new bikes and accessories at the B house look awesome. G's bike had a 'run in' with a reversing car recently and it is still at the repair shop...a very sad day :)

    1. Oh dear, poor G! I think my retro bike could be decorating a garden Jane.

  3. I had a dragster with a purple, glittery seat between grades 4-7. I loved it more than anything else I owned.

    In more recent times (ie - Friday) I was a teacher on a Year 8 camp and we spent two hours mountain bike riding. My bum is still very sore, 48 hours later. Apparently leisurely rides with the kids along the river atop a gel seat do nothing to prepare you for mountain biking.

    1. Hahaha Carol! When I got my adult bike I was very promptly back at the bike shop for a 'girl's' seat ie. wider and well padded! I can almost picture your dragster. Very cool


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