Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dinner Parties, Pies and Puddings

I often find cooking dinner a chore but I love the weekend when I have the time to read through recipes, gather ingredients and experiment.

We had special guests for dinner last night so after the Saturday sports were done and dusted I got to work...

I recently purchased a pie bird so pie was definitely on the menu. The Ale Pie with beef and beer, topped with puff pastry was a big hit and tasted as good as it looked when it came out of the oven.

While I was preparing and cooking the pie my new slow cooker, affectionately known as 'George' (as it is the George Foreman brand) was cooking a Chocolate Self-Saucing Pudding. I have never cooked a dessert in it before but it was delicious and 'George' will definitely be doing dessert again!

Some people would have licked their bowls if they could!

Have you been cooking something special this weekend or maybe you have found some time to read some inspiring recipes?

Happy weekend!


  1. Yum Kate, this all looks delicious and I bet your special guests were happy! Funny you should mention cooking and Ale and chocolate...this morning for smoko I made chocolate pancakes with a salted Guinness caramel sauce...totally over the top and indulgent but so good. Fruit, rations and some exercise in the garden for the rest of the day I feel!?

    1. It must be ale and chocolate weather! Fruit and rations here too...for the next week possibly!

  2. Special guests appreciated the love and care with which the dinner was made. So much so we feel great today! Excellent soul food. xox


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