Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Here & Now ~ June


lunch in the tree

Loving //The last of the autumn colours and the winter sunshine
Eating //out in the paddock. It's the best way to have a sausage!
Drinking // vanilla lattes...why did no-one tell me?!
Feeling //a little overwhelmed but there are school holidays on the horizon. This may be a chance to breathe and reset. 
Making //lots of making. I have the crochet bug again and have completed a granny stripe blanket and a cushion cover. Every time I finish something I still surprise myself at my ability to read and complete a pattern
Thinking //about my garden. There are some unloved corners but I know from experience that gardening gets pushed down my priority list if I'm pressed. I am trying to come up with solutions to make my garden a place I want to be while not making it something I can't manage!
Dreaming //of a pair of winter boots from Frankie4 Footwear I have been coverting for a while now. There is a sale on today....

Kate xx

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  1. Just do it! Boots mean winter is here.

  2. Ooo I love that first image Kate! Beautiful Autumn colours.
    A vanilla latte sounds divine, I've never heard of them either. Although I'm more of a cappuccino person :-)
    And I agree - buy those boots!

    Thanks so much for joining in,
    Sarah x

  3. Vanilla is delish in anythiung and everything. Have you tried caramel latte as well? It's naughty but so very nice. And then there's hazelnut... :)

  4. Love this winter light in your photos Kate. Bring on the holidays I say. Any progress on the boots I wonder? x

  5. Life feels very full and busy at the moment, doesn't it. Oh for years marked by school holidays. Those days are long gone for me, but with my grandson living with me, they'll come again, I'm sure.


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