Thursday, 2 April 2015

Making dreams come true

Back in September, last year, I was asked by Lisa from Random Acts of Zen to share my dream. On reflection I decided that one of my dreams was to travel. This is what I wrote for Lisa's blog post:

"One of my most incredible dreams is to travel. There are so many things on my bucket list that I would love to see, particularly in Europe, the Netherlands and the UK. I want to hear the guards marching to Buckingham Palace, munch on flaky, French croissants, pedal through the Amsterdam countryside, see the Lipizzaner Stallions perform, sit under the sky lit up by the Northern lights, eat gelato in Italy…and more, the list is extensive!"

When I answered Lisa's questions I knew I would make these dreams come true but I didn't know when. If you are prone to holiday envy then look away now... 

I am about to fling some clothes in a case and go on an adventure to tick off some of these things on my wish list.  Does this sound casual and carefree? I hope so but in reality there are things ALL over the house, bags half packed, Easter hat parades happening in the middle of it and one very excited family!

I might hear marching guards, there is a very good chance there will be flaky pastry consumed and I have informed my work friends that if I don't return, then the coffee houses in Vienna could be a good starting point to look for me!

Happy Easter to you all and stay tuned for some holiday sharing on my return.

Kate xxx


  1. Here's to making dreams come true forever, how ever big or small. Safe travels xox

  2. Have a wonderful, incredible adventure Kate. You and your family deserve it xx

  3. Travel has enriched my life beyond measure and I am very excited to be able to bring that richness to my children. The idea of travel being part of their childhood is thrilling to me. I know they will develop stronger, more curious, more compassionate characters as a result. I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip so much. x


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