Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Gourmet Food Parcels {Wordless Wednesday}

What do you get if you cross a self confessed gourmet foodie with an avid internet shopper?

One exciting box of goodies from the Maggie Beer Farm Shop on my doorstep...

Bon Appetite...bottoms up and all that  :)

Kate xxx

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  1. Kate, online shopping is truly dangerous isn't it? This is a particularly gorgeous package! I have not seen Maggie's cider before...please give us a review! One Christmas when I was pregnant the sparkling ruby was my drink of choice. Enjoy your goods :)

  2. ooh, thats my kinda package !

  3. Love. That's the kind of parcel I would be very excited to get in the mail. Yum, I'd love to visit the farm shop! I wouldn't want to leave, imagine the tastings in the real shop.

  4. oohhh - everything looks amazing!!! Thanks for sharing, I'm off to check out the 'Maggie Beer Farm Shop' now too... xx


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