Friday, 5 April 2013

Grateful for volunteering

This week has been a struggle! It is not often that I have this feeling at work but I have lost my mojo and am counting the very hours and minutes until the holidays. I can't quite put my finger on why but I do know that this week has not been a pretty one from this teacher's chair!!!
Each week I go to Miss B's classroom to help with Literacy Groups which I really enjoy and this week in particular I am extremely grateful that I volunteer my time to do this. Miss B's teacher knows that I have spent some time in a classroom before so she planned her groups this weeks with me taking a small group for a grammar lesson. I got the teacher's book, that whiteboard, the whiteboard markers.....I loved it!
At the end of the hour she thanked me profusely, saying how lucky she was to have my help every week but I left thinking it should actually be me thanking her. This one hour reminded me that I DO love teaching, I am good at it and I really enjoy the company of small children. 
Do you volunteer anywhere? It is true what they say about volunteering being rewarding isn't it?
I hope you all have a great weekend and if you happen to run into my mojo please send it back ! 
I am linking with 52 weeks of Grateful at Village Voices on Kidspot
Kate x


  1. Good for you Kate, the school is lucky to have parents like you helping out! Your mojo will return...maybe two weeks holiday will help :)

  2. It should not surprise us that such a small thing can make such a difference to how we see things and ourselves...but it so does! ( speaking of grammar..?)

  3. I do reading groups at my son's school, and while I can't say I have your passion for teaching, I find it fascinating to watch the group dynamics, how the children interact and some of their insights are pretty amazing, too!

  4. Love my volunteering each Saturday at my local Vinnies store. My teenager calls it my happy place, apparently I come back a better person!

  5. Your daughter's teacher must feel like she's hit the jackpot Kate!
    I've always helped in Bell's classroom when I can, and it really is satisfying, isn't it?
    I hope the holidays see you having some good downtime.

  6. That's so lovely! So nice to be appreciated, and reminded of how great you are at what you do. Beautiful grateful Kate x

  7. That is really good of you. Don't worry, two weeks off will refresh your mojo. Gosh, how I would have loved a good volunteer in the classroom when I was teaching high school (pre-kids and soon to return). Parents tend to be very busy by the high school years and teachers with 30 kids in each classroom can have a hard time reaching each and every child in each lesson. I used to do a bit of a count down until the holidays then too. Too bad I always had marking to do in my break. 4 days to go!!


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