Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Parsnips, Pumpkin and Pasties {Wordless Wednesday}

chopping, rolling, swapping pastie making tips
pastie filling and bubbles
ready to go in the oven
they were good!

The October long weekend saw me and my family spending some time together on the family property in outback South Australia.The 'girls' got together for some pastie making...
If you would like to know more about our culinary adventures head on over to The Shady Baker's blog. She was there too!

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  1. Yum! Feel free to come and cook for me :)

  2. Lovely Kate, thanks for the link! Love the photo of the Vale Ale in front of the much goodness :)

  3. These look great... and doable. I especially love that your enjoying some sparkling whilst making them x

  4. Gosh how good of you to make food like that. Hmmmmm now how could I get you to come to my house

  5. ooo love a good big pastie like that!!!!


  6. Oh wow!! Those look wonderful! Bet they tasted great too... *drool*

  7. Come back soon Kate. Maybe we could do something gourmet with yabbies?

  8. I use to have a wood stove and just loved cooking on it - in winter that is - summer it was awful. Like the look of the pasties - yum.

  9. I am suddenly starving hungry after seeing this gorgeous post! You can't beat a good pastie can you!! I used to buy one every lunch time when I lived in Scotland and haven't had one since - that's been over 10 years. Best I find a good recipe and give it a go. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Have a fabulous weekend hon.

  10. I like your new look Kate :)

  11. I only just realised that you and Jane are sisters - fancy that... :)

    The pasties look awesome and I bet they taste simply amazing..

    jodie :)

    1. Not sisters Jodie, first cousins who spent lots of time together growing up!
      The pasties were fabulous.

  12. Hi Kate, I've just found you! Those pasties look absolutely stuffed with goodness..mmmmm!

  13. They look yummy!


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